10 March 2020

Covid 19 (Corona Virus)

European press is unfortunatly reporting an escalation in the number of people infected, as well as a strong growth in number of people and areas that are quarantined. As a result, the authorities in the various countries send out new information on quarantine-affected areas almost on an hourly basis, where Italy is particular is under major restrictions.

NTG Continent A/S continues transports between Denmark and the quarantine-affected areas, to the extent possible and permissible in accordance with the instructions of the authorities. Since these instructions can be sharpened and the areas are expanded almost on an hourly basis, we do not have the opportunity to predict, whether a given area will remain navigable for the planned transports.

This means that in any circumstances irregularities and delays in our transports will occur, as well as coincidences where the transports are completely prevented, with the consequence that NTG Continent A/S will not be able to complete the transports according to the agreement. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to predict, whether the transport can avoid obstacles or a delays, so it will be the decision of the customer, whether or not the transports should be attempted. We will advise you to the extent we can.

We encourage our customers to follow the press and the websites of relevant authorities, in the respective countries, in order to make an assessment of whether a transport can be completed.